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Announcements - February

February 30, 2001 - Mail2World announces increased capabilities when creating mailing-list 'Groups'.

February 22, 2001 - Mail2World's Contacts database how accepts up to four email addresses per entry.

February 14, 2001 - Mail2World Tips have been expanded to include a wide variety of helpful hints.

February 9, 2001 - Text translation service added to Mail2World website. Click the 'Translate' icon to convert foreign-language text files among any of M2W's supported languages.

February 9, 2001 - Multi-lingual spell checker enhances Mail2World's email translation services. All supported languages now offer spell checking feature.

February 9, 2001 - POP3 Collector adds convenient flexibility to M2W members' email services. Have all your email accounts delivered to your Mail2World address for handy one-stop email collection.

February 9, 2001 - Message Search helps Mail2World members locate specific messages in crowded folders.

February 9, 2001 - Group Email capability lets M2W members' create one-address email for work groups, best-friend lists or families.

February 9, 2001 - Mail2World adds 'Import Favorites' function. Enables members to upload their browser Favorites, or Bookmarks, for online storage at Mail2World.

February 9, 2001 - Today's News, Today's Sports and Today's Weather added to the Mail2World 'Welcome' Page.

February 9, 2001 - Ten new color combinations added to Mail2World's email interface.

February 9, 2001 - Mail2World's 'Contacts' page now organized with alpha-numerical headings.

February 9, 2001 - Mail2World's email Preferences increases number of personalized controls available to members.

February 9, 2001 - 'Deleted Items' tab added for easier access to Mail2World's deleted items folder.

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