Welcome to the Mail2World Tour!

Tired of look-alike sites that are arranged all wrong, present ugly colors and don't suit your own unique personality? Mail2World offers control over everything from email addresses to page layout, colors and even artistic themes.

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Personalized email address
Mail2World offers a selection of more than 2,000 unique domain names (the part the comes after the @ in your email address). And of course, the first part of the email address is limited only by your ample imagination. Finally get an email address that's truly a personal extension of you - not some goofy aberration like bob5679 at the same domain as everyone else.

Pick a color, any color...

Click here to try a demonstration of M2W's color-changing abilities! Among the options that Mail2World members can control is a selection of colors in the email environment. Pick your favorite and make the change with a single mouse click. Want to see a demonstration? Click here.

Themes: full environmental control
If simple color schemes don't fully satisfy your creative needs, try one of our themes - or make your own.

Page layout and functionality controls
Control the number of emails that appear on each page (fewer if you have a slow connection; more if you're hardwired into the Internet backbone). Set your email functionality preferences (shall we include the original message when you reply to an email?). Control the way our M2W service works to serve you best.

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