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True Global Communication™, Mail2World's exclusive language translation software package, lets you communicate with anyone n the world regardless of language differences. Break the language barrier with M2W today!

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Break the language barrier
As a Mail2World member, you will be magically transformed into a multi-lingual communicator, capable of talking via email with literally anyone else in the world. As Mail2World grows from its initial offering of several languages to more than 40 ultimately, experience your own personal growth as a global communicator. Sound like fun? Try it here.

Language independence
Mail2World's proprietary Virtual Keyboards enable people to work on each other's language-specific equipment (keyboards) yet write in the language they know. When a Virtual Keyboard is activated, the user may "type" by pointing and clicking on the Virtual Keyboard with the mouse cursor, or she may touch-type on the foreign language keyboard with the results appearing in her native language.

But wait, there's more...
Language-translation email is great, but it's only the beginning. Watch for bulletin boards, chat rooms and even audio voice translation in the not-too-distant future.

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