See how easy it is to get around the Mail2World interface? It's almost like being weightless...
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The leftside navigation panel lets you move quickly from one section of the site to another.

These tabs appear when you're at the Inbox and are used to help you navigate the email folders.
Inbox view

Easy to get around

We clicked on the Inbox icon to get the view you see at the right (ghosted back, so you can see the site navigation panels better).

The primary navigation panel at the left stays visible throughout the site, letting you access Inbox, Addresses, Calendar, Favorites or Folders with a single click. The Write Mail icon lets you send email from any section.

The secondary navigation (colored tabs, above) panel lets you move about within the various site sections. In this example, you can click quickly from your Inbox to Sent Mail, Drafts or Scheduled Mail folders.
Notice the highlighted blue navigation panels.